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A french episode at Muratti Cakes & Gateaux

Every new friend is like the beginning of a journey!

I am glad I have the opportunity to meet so many people from so many different places! I am always amazed by their stories… it is wonderful to realise that the world is full of interesting people and learn new things with them.

It is unbelievable how much I have learnt since I am traveling, everyone has a different story to tell and it is like opening a new book each time… There is always something to learn, to share, to discover… I really hope they feel the same about me and that I am making a difference in their life and they are happy to know me!

I used to think that you make most of your friends at college and then somehow you stick with them… but since I live abroad I have a totally new outlook on things and I have realised that no matter your age, occupation or whatsoever there are always many opportunities to make new friends and enjoy your time with them!

This morning, I had a lovely breakfast with Ann: we go to Spanish classes together once a week. She is a lovely lady, she is a native Australian, she is retired so we don’t belong to the same generation but still we get on well and we enjoy talking to each other (great practice for my English by the way)! She lives in North Adelaide and since I have just moved to this area, she has decided to give me a tour and it was absolutely lovely from her! How kind to show me around: the aquatic centre, the sport centre, the restaurants, the cafes, the parks… How kind from her!

We have also enjoyed a nice coffee and a cake at a place that I have never heard before (it is one of her favorites) called “Muratti Cakes & Gateaux”. Somehow it reminded me of the bakeries and tea salon in Paris… It was nice to see french cakes that I have been missing a lot lately… I have treated myself with a nice lemon tart and a cappuccino, it was absolutely delicious! Ann has insisted on inviting me and I felt so lucky… Australian people are really friendly 🙂

For those living in Adelaide and who want to taste gorgeous french pastries, I highly recommend this place which happen to be in Proscpect city (very closed from North Adelaide) and there are also nice and cute little shops around so it is definitely worth the trip by car or by bus G10.

Next time when you go to Muratti, tell me which cakes you had… they all look so good, I am curious to know which ones are popular!

In case you can not possibly decide, here is a tip: usually when in France, my favorites cakes are: lemon tart, strawberry tart and anything with chocolate or coffee. I mean you can’t go wrong with those, can you?!


Muratti Cakes & Gateaux                                                                                              114B Prospect Rd                                                                                             Prospect SA 5082 


Trendy tea and pancakes at E for Ethel

Sometimes, when abroad, I like to challenge myself… I like to invent some missions such as finding the best place to: enjoy a good tea, eat the best scones, drink the best chai latte, taste the best pancakes etc… I think it is a nice way to discover a city because you have to look on the internet, read the reviews, come up with a plan and then try to find these little gems by yourself and test it and write about it…

It is also the perfect opportunity to walk in new streets, see shops you have never seen before, gazed at cute Australian cottages (I am in love with them), smell the delicate fragrance of Adelaide’s colourful flowers, enjoy the sound of the birds in the trees…

I bet you are wondering what my little mission was today… well you know I am obsessed with this TV show called “Gilmore Girls” and especially Luke’s dinner where the 2 Gilmore girls like to hang out especially for breakfast! So I am always looking for places with the same kind of style.

Well today I have tried a new place in North Adelaide called E for Ethel on Melbourne street and I think it could compete with Luke’s… Vintage chairs and tables which give the place a charming vibe, friendly staff, delicious pancakes, lovely cup and tea pots… and the special touch: when serving a cup of tea they leave a famous quote on the plate… it reminds me of the fortune cookie and I really liked it! Today my quote was a famous sentence from the film Casablanca (1942) “Here’s looking at you kid”.

Furthermore this lovely restaurant is also a shop where you can find beautiful handmade creations designed by locals artists… adorable, isn’t it?!


E for Ethel
7/116 Melbourne street
North Adelaide 5006

A good breakfast to kick the day!

Do you happen to know this TV show called “Gilmore girls”?

I used to watch it when I was living in France in order to practise my English. I liked the 2 main characters called Lorelai and Rory Gilmore who were quite nice and fun!

Anyway, they were living in a charming little town and they had the chance to have a really cool place for breakfast! I have always envied them for that and I have always wished I could find a restaurant as nice as theirs in the TV show…

Today I have tried one called the Royal Oak on O’Connell street in North Adelaide which reminded me somehow of this show… The vintage decoration was pretty cool and we enjoyed a nice English breakfast but for those who have followed the TV show grumpy Luke was sadly nowhere to be seen…


 Royal Oak
123 O’Connell street
North Adelaide 5006

Adelaide rocks!

The famous New York Times has published a top destinations list to visit this year and Adelaide is the only city of Australia that has been mentioned! So congratulations to our beautiful city ranking number 24 in the top places to go in 2015!

It makes me proud and happy since generally bigger and popular cities such as Sydney, Melbourne or Perth steal the wind from Adelaide… but this time our charming city has proven that actually small is cute . Our city has a lot to offer and it is lovely to know that the world is now aware of it!

Adelaide has been praised for its amazing quality of life,  its great beaches, its art, its famous festivals, its wonderful food and wine industry, its friendly people, its great energy and vibes that make Adelaide so special and so unique!

I feel blessed to live in such a beautiful city… it is been only a few months since I have moved here but I really feel at home.  This city has a personality and a heart and it is impossible not to feel at ease.

It is good to be in Adelaide 🙂



Curious to discover the 52 cities to visit in 2015 according to the New York Times? Have a look at the following article:


A ticket to the past…

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to sit in an old train, smell the wood and the leather seats and hear the steam engine of the locomotive running… Now close your eyes and for a minute imagine that you are in an  Agatha Christie novel while glancing at the pictures…

Today I had the chance to visit the biggest railroad museum in Australia and it was really a great experience! It was very interesting to learn about trains history and it was also fun to climb into the cabs of giant steam engines and walk through elegant carriages and just imagine what it was like to travel by that time…

Actually I was pretty impressed by the level of comfort they managed to achieve.. some carriages just look like little flats with real beds, bathroom and kitchen… traveling by train (depending on your class status) could be in the days of yore a luxurious and enjoyable journey!

I couldn’t resist acting like if I was a traveler from another century, and my bestie managed to capture beautifully the spirit of the past in a series of black and white photographies.

National Railway Museum
76 Lipson Street
Port Adelaide SA 5015

Purple rain…

Spring is really a nice season in Adelaide because everything comes back to life after a long sleep: trees growing, flowers blooming, birds singing. A new day begins and you can feel it in the fresh air:  the whole city is waking up!

The weather is not too warm so it is just perfect to enjoy nice walks in the city, sit at a terrace for early an cup of tea and also enjoy some trips to the beach even if the water is still a bit cold.

The Australians I have met so far all told me that I have moved to Adelaide at the best time of the year because spring is definitely their favorite season! No wonder why…

At the moment I can not help gazing at the Jacaranda trees (I used to call them purple trees because I had no idea about their name until I was told). There are so many of them here: their beautiful colour bring a joy spirit to all the streets, they are just splendid! I just love them and I am glad I have the chance to see them everyday in Adelaide when I am out exploring the city.

I must say I have never seen them before, it must be too cold in Europe for them. When I was living in France I used to love cherries trees with their beautiful white and pink flowers flying in the air when it was windy which added a romantic touch to the moment. But now I am living in Australia and I have fallen in love with Jacarandas!

These trees florish the first weeks of November, their name Jacaranda means fragrant and they announce that spring is coming soon…  how poetic!

From my bedroom window when sitting at my desk I can admire a huge beautiful Jacaranda tree looking like a king in his kingdom all dressed with majestic purple flowers.  I feel inspired by this beautiful view and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to seize the moment.

The world is beautiful and you can be amazed even by  a tree… what a joy to be here, to think, to dream, to love… ❤

West Terrace Cemetery: a poetic experience

Some say it is the most poetic place they know in Adelaide! You would think how awkward for a cemetery…I am normally not a fan of such places and don t think I am a *Vampire diaries* addict (the main girl character of the show Nina likes to rest and write in her home town cemetery) … But I have to confess this cemetery is fascinating, nearly magic…

I have really enjoyed my self guided walk tour here on a sunny spring afternoon! It is really a lovely and peaceful place and this is really a nice walk! It is definitely poetic! The landscape, the graves, the trees…even the birds have a story to tell In a way it reminded me of Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris!

Brochures are at the entrance of the cemetery, I have picked the famous women tour and I have learnt a few things about brave and passionate women born in Adelaide or coming from London with dreams and big ideas to change the world! It was really inspiring!

Actually the walk lasted about 2 hours, the brochure was well detailed with a map and full of information so I did not get lost, I have learnt many facts and actually time went by so quickly..I am pretty sure I will come back, there are plenty other themes tours to learn more about Adelaide and guess what it is totally free!

Furthermore, the West Terrace cemetery runs night tours on Fridays ($25), it is a totally different experience but definitely worth it! I had the chance to take part to the special Halloween tour on Friday 31st October and it was amazing: interesting stories, sounds and lights effects, great actors…. it was pretty fun and most of the participants came in their halloween costumes which really added something to the atmosphere 😉 No wonder that West Terrace Cemetery has taken out the award for best cultural and heritage tourism attraction for the third year in row seeing the cemetery inducted into the South Australian Tourism Hall of Fame.

In my opinion West Terrace is definitely an original city cemetery, it is well kept and fulfills its role protecting ancestral heritage, offering peace and bringing life in a creative and respectful way to old and interesting stories about Adelaide!

West Terrace Cemetery
161 West Terrace
Adelaide SA 5000