Peaceful rice paddies

Bali is full of beautiful and lively colors and green is definitely one of them!

I like to gaze at the rice paddies… somehow I find them very relaxing, nice for contemplating…it is also new to me as in France it is more about fields of barleys, sun flowers etc… but here rice is to Balinese people what bread is to French people 🙂 so no wonder there are so many rice paddies in Bali so well kept.

The result is absolutely spectacular! I particularly fancy the Rice paddy terraces in Ubud. If you feel brave and you are wearing good shoes you can have a walk there or you can also just sit and relax in an open air concept restaurant, have a popular local beer (Bintang) or a delicious fresh young coconut and enjoy the dramatic view, it is really a wonderful experience that I will be glad to do again… 

Do you hear christmas coming?

It is in the air, it is in the streets, it is in our houses, it is in our minds and our spirits…

It is a little song playing in your head, it is red and green all other the place, it is all about glitter and shiny stuffs, lovely food, many presents and probably too many chocolates… or not 😉
Christmas is all around us and it is a nice way to celebrate and conclude year 2014. Some of us will be with their families and friends, some will be traveling, some will be relaxing…

Whatever your agenda is, I wish you a wonderful christmas and a happy time!