Bonjour, my name is Virginie. I am a French girl, but a true citizen of the world and this is my story! I was working in Marketing and Communication in Paris  before starting my trip around the world without any agenda. It all started in January 2013, when I decided to take a gap year with the wish to give to my career an international boost like Emily in Paris. In less than two years I lived on 3  different continents… So far, it took me to Montreal in Canada, London in UK, and currently I am living the dream in Adelaide in Australia!

I decided to create this blog along my podcast to share my experiences, my love for the unexpected and what seems to be an obsession for tea and any sort of cakes… Especially when chocolate is involved!

If, like me you have a passion for travels, food, and lifestyles overseas you came to the right place! If you have the project of living abroad, you will find here plenty of reflexions and ideas to make this new chapter of your life fun, memorable and overcome (nearly) any kind of situations even when “lost in translation”…

Living abroad is a wonderful chance to experience, to discover, to grow and to meet amazing people. One of the positive side of living overseas is that your are making friends from all other the world. Now my friends are from France, USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, Turkey, Spain, Iran, Morocco, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Japan, China, Thailand,  Vietnam, Australia… and it is good fun to speak English together with so many different and lovely accents!

Besides English classes, I am also following Spanish, Chinese and Creative writing classes that I am enjoying a lot. I am learning really interesting things and meeting inspiring people. I would like to share this part of my life with you too, so I will be posting from time to time some of my assignments in the “School” section of my blog!

 On top of that, I have an exciting project going on in France. A couple of years ago, I purchased a lovely flat in a charming city in my hometown. It took me 2 years to renovate and decorate this little gem as it is in an historical building on a paved street. So if you like history, old stones in the pure French style and if you have always wondered what it is like to live in France, maybe it is time to pack your suitcase and come and live at my place to experience the real thing!

So take a seat, fasten your seatbelt and follow me in this every day adventure around the globe. I hope you will enjoy the journey. Welcome aboard!

Welcome to “Hello World”!

Virginie the Frenchie

If you have any questions, you can contact me directly by filling the form below and I will aim to get back to you as soon as possible 🙂

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