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When it comes to spread, Americans have peanut butter, Europeans have Nutella and Australians have Vegemite!

Vegemite has a special and unique flavour. It is like the sword in the stone: only true Aussie hearts can enjoy it 😉 So I took my chance and bought a pot of this Australian sacred delight. This is how bad I ❤ Australia!

Vegemite is a kind of brown paste, very thick and dark in colour like waste oil. To me it smells like a loaf bread which stayed all the morning on a table outside a beach house. As for the taste, it was nothing like I would have imagined, it is VERY salty…  maybe as salty as the sea but with a kind of meat juice flavour.

 It is really a hit in Australia: people enjoy it on their toasts, in their sandwiches, crumpets…  I must confess I wanted to like it too so I really tried hard: spread on a toast (Ew), with tomatoes (Ew), with cucumbers (Ew), with walnuts (Ew). Nothing worked and it was so salty that I spent the whole night drinking water like if I had walked hours in the desert. I am sorry but honestly I did not like it at all 😦 it has a weird taste and the texture is not easy to work, I had difficulties to spread it!

Maybe there is something I am not doing right or maybe the legend is true: you have to be born and raised in Oz world to fully appreciate Vegemite, if not you are condemned to keep an horrible taste in the mouth and looking with envy at Aussie people savouring the mythical black paste as it was the best treat in the world!

What about you, are you a vegemite addict? Do you have any tips to enjoy it? Any techniques? I am curious to hear about it 😉

4 thoughts on “Spread the love”

  1. Hi Virginie!

    Firstly, thanks a heap for your kind words in your reply. The truth is that I always read your comments with attention because I enjoy learning new expressions, words and so on that you leave in your blog. 😉
    Talking about your readings, I’ll take in mind your recommendation about Favel Parrett’s book. I’m sure that it’s worthy. To be honest with you, I don’t consider myself as a bookworm. Besides, this course at the School of Languages is truly demanding and there isn’t enough time for everything. However, when I have a free moment I try to have a book in my hands. Even no matter the style, plot or whatever as long as the book is written in English. Fortunately, I have a public library nearby home and sometimes have a look and take one. Ufffff, I cannot purchase more books. I don’t find more space at home to keep more books.
    Vegemite!!! I haven’t tasted that sort of paste so far and according to your words, I don’t think that that it suits me so much. Sincerely, I’m pretty singular at table. Well, I’m a keen fan of Nutella, above all spread on Galician bread, which is absolutelly tasted. Ahh, I forgot it. We also have here another product similar to Nutella that is called “Nocilla”. Maybe, you already know it. Kids are really fond of it.

    Thanks again for your blog Virginie. 😉 😉

    P.d.: I hope that you understand everything.

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    1. Dear Antonio,
      Thank you so much for your lovely reply! Your English is really amazing, you can be proud of yourself (Balbina told me you are very motivated and a hard worker) I like this attitude! I am glad you will have a look at the book I have suggested to you. I really think it is a good one (I have borrowed it from the library because like you I have no more space at home to store books)!
      Regarding vegemite, as I am mentioning in my post, it has a very special and unique taste and I think only Australians people can really enjoy it. You see they were born and raised with it and it is part of their culture. I was just curious about it because they eat it like I eat Nutella so I thought I should try since I heard so many compliments about it! But when I tasted it, I was honestly very disappointed… not my cup of tea! But I am glad I tried since I find it always interesting when abroad to discover new things 😉 I mean it would be sad to live in Australia and just look for French culture, food, people etc… of course sometimes I am missing France and I am glad when I can bite in a good croissant but I am also very happy to embrace new habits which are part of my new culture!
      By the way I have never heard about Nocilla but I am sure it is delicious, I absolutely adore chocolate so I am pretty sure it is something I could enjoy on a nice galician bread (speaking of it, Balbina is baking some bread that she is going to bring to our tomorrow English class… yummy yummy!).
      I wish you all the best and keep practising your English, you are doing great! Like I said before, it is very impressive! Thank you also for following my blog! All the best!


  2. I tried Vegemite once, and that was enough. I have never met a single non-Australian who enjoys it. You have to be raised on it from birth to get used to that crazy taste.

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    1. I absolutely agree with you Ruth 😉 and have you ever tried Marmite? British people just loveeee it! But I don’t (it is a like vegemite but less salty). Since you have been traveling to France, I assume you have tried Nutella?! Did you like it? it is soooooo good, the best chocolate and walnuts paste to spread on a fresh baguette! So delicious ❤


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