Add some “Bliss” to your cup of tea

“Sometimes, you just need a break. In a beautiful place. Alone. To figure everything out!”

There is a charming organic cafe right in the middle of China town. It’s called Bliss Organic Cafe and it is colourful, cosy and very friendly! The menu is really appetizing and there is a large choice of vegan dishes. The staff is absolutely lovely and they are always happy to chat and put people at ease. It is impossible to feel stress when you enter this little paradise: so peaceful, so many good vibes! But most of all, there is an amazing secret garden at the back of the place where you can relax and enjoy a drink! Can it get even better than that?!

Bliss Organic Cafe and its lively secret garden

My favourite beverage is the warm apple juice: so sweet and so comforting! I just love the flavour and IMG_1159the smell of it! As you know I have a sweet tooth and I can’t help indulging myself with their homemade pastries! I highly recommend the chocolate and goji energy ball or the dark chocolate rocky road bar! Both are absolutely divine. As for the perfect spot to enjoy these little treats, I would definitely point the sofa at the back of the secret garden under the majestic trees.

This is what I like about Adelaide and about Australia: no matter the season you can really enjoy being outdoor! Actually maybe it is even better sitting outside when it is Autumn or Winter time. Let’s be honest it never really gets “very” cold here (comparing to Europe… and my vague memories of -20 in Canada haha). Furthermore, Aussies cafe are very  well equipped providing special outdoors heating and/or beautiful warm blankets. So when the sun disappears below the horizon and it is getting chilly, “no worries”, you can still enjoy the moment and sit outside under the stars feeling bliss in your heart ❤

Bliss Organic Cafe

7 Compton Street

Adelaide, South Australia

(08) 8231 0205

7 thoughts on “Add some “Bliss” to your cup of tea”

    1. lol! Actually I have considered it since I have some free time at the moment and I have always something to talk about! But I still have to think about it and work on the concept (what kind of show, theme etc…) so it is just a project in the back of my mind so far… but I find it funny that you have mentioned it 😉 will definitely think about it! Thanks Mihrank!


  1. My dear Virgine,
    Thank you for your post again!
    I can not tell you just an only place , shop coffee or whatever …
    The most great thing about living here is that the richness of my life here is based around the quality of the human relationships I can not believe it because I have lots of friends in my country but they were based along the years , but here it is everything such an intense life that when I have to leave finally to my country it will be really hard I can feel that….

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    1. I have been there my dear Balbina! Actually it happens to me each time I am moving to a new country. Feelings are multiplied by 100 abroad: positives ones but also negative ones! In your home country you build your life through the years: family, friends, culture, language, habits, routines… etc! But when you move overseas you have to do all that in such a short time, it is both exciting and both scaring but I believe it is really worth it. Besides I agree with you, no matter how much we loved or in some cases hated the place… what has really made a huge difference in our journeys are not the visits, the landscapes, the monuments, the history… but definitely the people we have met! Experiences, stories and feelings we have shared with them and that we will cherish probably forever!
      My best memories in every country I have lived so far are definitely moments/conversations I had with amazing people that I will never forget! Don’t be sad, think how lucky and blessed you were to experience all that at least once in your life ❤ nobody can understand… until they have the opportunity to move abroad for real and not just on a few weeks trip! It is a life change! Now you know 😉 but all these memories will stay in your heart even when you are back to Spain making you a different person with friends all other the world ❤


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