How does sunlight sound?

The sunlight tiptoed in my bedroom, crawling silently in the dark like a cat approaching its prey. Gently, silently making its way to my bed, caressing my face and whispering in my ears, calling my name. ‘A little bit more,’ I implored turning my back. But it did not want to listen, it did not care, it kept going crescendo brighter, making a warm crackling sound on the floor, its loud colour invading my space, knocking on the walls, jumping on the sheets like a capricious child. ‘For the last time I beg you to let me sleep! Just five minutes more, that’s all I am asking for!’ and I hid my face into the pillow. But now the roaring noise was getting louder, producing sharp disharmonious combinations of yellow and white tones, exploding like a military band in my ears, blowing through the windows like a storm: it was unstoppable, it was everywhere! The deafening sunlight had a message to deliver and was determined to make me listen. I could not ignore its voice anymore, it was time for me to surrender, wake up and get ready because today was the day and there was nothing I could do about it!


This text is one of my assignments from creative writing class that I wanted to share with you. We were asked to write a paragraph using synaesthetic metaphors. The idea was to create new ways of expression by creating cross-sensory experiences where you can for example hear colours, smell sounds, see music, feel the texture of light and so on… By mixing the different senses you can layer your story and come up with a unique and original piece. In order to warm up our creativity, we were given a list of questions and we had to pick one of them and work on it using synaesthetic metaphors… I was inspired by “How does sunlight sound?” and I built a short story starting from this question. I must say I was pretty impressed with the result because it worked really good and I was really proud and happy about what I came up with! I think this technique helps to describe a scene in a original way and it helps creating a real universe by using lively images so people can truly feel the atmosphere! I hope you have enjoyed this story and I hope it will intrigue you so you want to know more 😉 Please do not hesitate to leave me a comment: Did this text tickle your imagination and if that so why do you think the main character does not want to get up? I am curious to know because it is always interesting to hear about different ideas and then we can compare with what I had in mind when I wrote that piece… Come on, don’t be shy, I am sure it will be fun!

8 thoughts on “How does sunlight sound?”

    1. Thanks Balbina, what you say this is music to my ears ❤ I am glad you are learning new vocabulary with me and that you would like to keep reading my stories and know more about the who, the when, the how, the where, the why…


  1. Great Virgine!!! I just wanted to say that one day I’d like to write as well as you. If I were you, I’d have in mind the idea of writing a book. To be honest, it wouldn’t be so weird.

    Ahh, by the way, I’m one of Balbina’s friends. She recommended me your blog.

    Thanks for your blog. 😉 🙂

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    1. Dear Azkoyen, it is so sweet of you! Thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart! I enjoy learning foreign languages and English is my priority at the moment since I live in Australia now! I am going to English classes 2-3 times/a week (this is where I met Balbina) and this year I decided to take it to the next level by going to Creative writing class with native people at TAFE / Adelaide art college! When I was in France, I was very creative and I enjoyed writing a lot in my mother tongue (French) so I decided I should do the same in English 😉 I am glad I was crazy enough to think it was possible because I took my chance and subscribed to this class. At the beginning I was afraid because I was the only foreigner and my English is not perfect, but I am doing fine and it is good sometimes to be challenged (A LOT). Also I am learning things that I would never learn in my regular English classes (where we focus mainly on discussion vocabulary and grammar) whereas in creative writing class you focus on creativity, descriptions, style… it is another world! All I am saying is that if you have the will to write Azkoyen, you should do it, maybe at the beginning you can start writing on your Facebook in English, then why not starting a blog in English and eventually enroll to creative writing class too! It is fun and as I always say the only way to be able to do something right is to practise! Good luck with your English and don’t hesitate to leave me comments, I am always glad to hear about my followers 😉


      1. Hi Virginie! Thanks a heap for your reply. I really liked it. The truth is that English isn’t just another language to learn. To me, it’s a way of living. I mean, thanks to English I’ve known great people who are now in my daily routine such as Balbina and so on. That’s precisely the most relevant thing about this. As regards what you mentioned about writing, unfortunately here where I live there aren’t creative writing classes. Well, at least I don’t know any of them. What I normally do in order to enhance my writing skills is to write some opinion essays about differents issues like environment, online piracy, stereotypes, health, politics and the like. Besides, I also send lots of emails in English (of course), even messages through Whatsapp. I do believe that practising a little every day is the key to feel more and more comfortable with a new language.

        Take care dear Virginie. 😉 🙂

        I forgot it, my real name’s Antonio.

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  2. Dear Antonio, thank you for your reply, you made a really good point! I agree practising your English everyday is the key! I can see that you are very creative too and enjoy writing about different subjects 🙂 I assume you enjoy reading a lot too! May I recommend you a book that I discovered during the writers’ week in Adelaide, it is called “when the night comes” – Favel Parrett, the story is really engaging and it is full of interesting descriptions which is good to gain more vocabulary. The style is not complicated to understand and it is well written so it is definitely a good way to learn more! When you say English is not just a language, it is a way of living… I can totally relate to that! Embracing a new language is not just about words, it is about opening new doors be it on other countries, other people, other cultures, other opinions, other habits, other activities, other tastes! It is also a way to discover new layers of your personality which is pretty exciting! I do believe it is very enriching and addictive! I wish you all the best with your English but I can see it is really good… so keep the good efforts and keep reading my blog 😉 and don’t hesitate to share your opinions! It is always very interesting for me but also for the other readers/followers to have new insights! Thank you again for sharing!


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