Happy new year 2015!!!

I wish you all joy, happiness, health, luck, success and above all LOVE for this coming new year hoping that your dreams will come true, your projects will come to life and your efforts will be rewarded! I like to believe that amazing things are on their way and it is just a question of time before we experience them !

I wanted to write something inspiring for the new year but it is not that easy… so I have been thinking and looking at old pictures hoping to find some ideas… Somehow I happened to find my graduation pictures (Master degree in Marketing – Business school and University of Strasbourg) and while looking at these pics, it suddenly hit me!

I thought that instead trying to write something that might be naive or dull and probably useless, I would instead share with you a powerful and inspiring speech which was pronounced by Steve Jobs actually during a graduation ceremony! This text called « Linking the dots » is pretty famous but still so true, full of meaning and so appropriate. It is the perfect message for those who are looking for directions and for answers. I thought it could be a beautiful way to start this brand new year full of promises and hopes!

One last thing, I want to say: Believe in yourself and your destiny, trust your judgement, follow your dreams, never give up (especially with your English for those like me still learning it lol), be passionate, take risks, work hard, allow yourself to make mistakes, be patient… Don’t let the others define you and don’t allow them to decide for you! You are the only one having the key of your kingdom! Sometimes it won’t be easy, there will be obstacles and moments of doubts but stay focus, be strong and you will overcome all the difficulties, making you a stronger and a better person and amazing things will happen to you because life can be (also) beaufiful if you give it a try with all of your heart and your guts!

Enjoy the reading: http://news.stanford.edu/news/2005/june15/jobs-061505.html and as Steve Jobs would say: « Stay hungry! Stay foolish!»

and have a wonderful year 2015!
Graduation Party
It is me on the front row, black dress, red shoes and red belt: CONGRATS!!!

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