Highway to heaven

I was 30 years old and it was my first time in the USA. My Californian friends had invited me on a road trip on one of the most scenic drives in the entire world: the iconic Highway One. We drove from San Francisco to Los Angeles and each day was a combination of natural beauty, breathtaking scenery and acknowledging life’s quality.

One of our final stops was in Santa Barbara, in a restaurant called ‘La Superica’. It looked like an old Mexican barrack with its white walls and blue windows. It was not fancy at all and it was nothing like what I would have picked to conclude a mind-blowing trip. But as soon as I went inside I felt that the atmosphere was very welcoming. It was packed with joyful people enjoying lively dishes and for a minute I forgot that my journey was nearly over. I ordered tacos and as soon as the food was placed on the table I understood why my friends took me here.

The fresh handmade tortilla was beautiful with a golden shade of yellow contrasting with the different mouthwatering ingredients sitting on its heart. I could smell the fragrant odour of the corn flour with a zest of lime tickling my nose. The meat had a lovely brown caramelised tint and smelt heavenly. It was tender, smoky, juicy and cooked to perfection. The red salsa was thick, creamy and attractively opaque in colour. I could tell the tomatoes had been cooked slowly and mixed with toasted Mexican chilles and chipotle peppers. The topping was a symphony of colours where the chopped green vegetables were dancing with the fresh herbs under a moon of white creamy cheese. I could see the finely minced onions blending with the minced crisp cabbages promising a textural crunch.

No sooner had the fresh taco touched my palate that I felt shivers and stopped. It was absolutely divine! An exquisite pleasure invaded my senses filling me with all California. Each bite, each colour, each flavour had the taste of my trip on the mythical Highway One. I could see the sunny valleys, the Spanish missions, the rugged beach and the surf towns. I could smell the farmers’ stalls on the side of the road, I could hear the Pacific Ocean crashing down below the steep cliffs and I could feel the intoxicating warmth of the Californian sun and the presence of my friends forever with me.

California you’ve got my heart!


This text is one of my assignments from creative writing class. I was asked to write about a vivid memory in 400 words so I picked a special moment I had the chance to experience a couple of years ago with my dear Californian friends: Teresa and John. My roadtrip in California was an amazing journey and I hope someday I will write the full story and share with you this beautiful and breathtaking adventure!

9 thoughts on “Highway to heaven”

  1. My dear Virginie I am atonished do you know how many adjectives did you write ? Gosh I am going nuts ,by the way I do not believe you need yo join any creative lesson you are creative enough…. thank of course …

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    1. I am glad you enjoyed my text 🙂 actually this is what I am learning in creative writing classes, like the teacher would say, “Show! Don’t tell!” so I’m learning to describe objects, textures, smells…so the reader can “see” through my eyes and imagine what is going on, what it feels like… it is a very interesting class and I am glad I joined it even if I am struggling with it! I can feel I am gaining confidence and a better style when writing ❤


  2. Hi Virginie, I just wanted to say that I’ve recently joined your blog because it seems to me a thrilling way to know more things about other cultures, their way of living, their cuisine, their customs and what have you. Yet, above all, what drew my attention the most was your style of writing. I mean, I consider it a fresh and appealing way of expressing your expertises that you’ve lived so far.

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    1. What a lovely message 🙂 this is music to my ears! I am glad you joined my blog and that you are enjoying the world through my experiences abroad! At the moment I am focusing a lot on Australia (Adelaide mostly) because this is where I live right now and sometimes I like to talk about short trips I made in the past few years… but I promise I will be writing also more about Canada (Montreal), UK (London) and of course France (Paris) where I lived before moving to Aussie world ❤ See you!


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