Adelaide rocks!

The famous New York Times has published a top destinations list to visit this year and Adelaide is the only city of Australia that has been mentioned! So congratulations to our beautiful city ranking number 24 in the top places to go in 2015!

It makes me proud and happy since generally bigger and popular cities such as Sydney, Melbourne or Perth steal the wind from Adelaide… but this time our charming city has proven that actually small is cute . Our city has a lot to offer and it is lovely to know that the world is now aware of it!

Adelaide has been praised for its amazing quality of life,  its great beaches, its art, its famous festivals, its wonderful food and wine industry, its friendly people, its great energy and vibes that make Adelaide so special and so unique!

I feel blessed to live in such a beautiful city… it is been only a few months since I have moved here but I really feel at home.  This city has a personality and a heart and it is impossible not to feel at ease.

It is good to be in Adelaide 🙂



Curious to discover the 52 cities to visit in 2015 according to the New York Times? Have a look at the following article:

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