A slice of France

Don’t you love the smell of a French baguette, still warm from the bakery shop? As I am walking back home, I can’t resist biting in it and feel it crunching under my teeth. I like this particular sound and the taste of it, promise of a delicious breakfast with butter, jam,  pains au chocolat and croissants!

Cheese, baguette and croissants!

Sometimes I miss home and I need to reconnect with familiar flavours. It is not easy to find bread or croissants that have the same texture and taste as in France. You would think it is because of the unique technique or maybe a special oven…etc but actually the explanation is way more simple: it is the flour! It is too expensive to import French flour that is why bakeries use local flour to bake their baguettes. Don’t get me wrong, I have tried many kind of breads at the Adelaide Central Market and I liked them a lot: I mean they are good but different! And when you are experiencing home sickness, you want to bite into a piece of bread that would remind you of the nice mornings at your family home, beautiful pastries at the corner of your street, the intoxicating smell of the warm and fresh bread from the oven… you see?!

As for the perfect croissant, it is not easy to find it either! I tried a few places but so far, the one I enjoyed the most was at Cannelle French pastries! When I bit into it, it took me back for a couple of minutes to Paris ❤ The flavour was definitely here and I had croissant crumbs all over me which is how it is supposed to be 😉 The baker is a sympathetic French man  who felt in love with Adelaide and has been living here for many years! So if you are a croissant lover, try to get to Cannelle bakery early in the morning as these little treats don’t last very long!

Cannelle French pastries

123b Magill Road

Stepney SA 5069 


4 thoughts on “A slice of France”

    1. Hi Teresa 😉 well the water has definitely a role to play in the process regarding texture but it seems that the flour makes all the difference regarding the flavour. At least that is the explanation I got from the French baker from Cannelle French pastries. Actually I was wondering why the bread even in French bakeries tasted different abroad?! He explained to me that importing French flour to Australia would cost him 3-4 times the price comparing to a local Aussie flour! As you can easily understand it would dramatically impact the price of the bread and clients would not be happy to pay that much, that is why French bakeries overseas use local flours which explains that it tastes different!


  1. Hey Virginie! I definately feel the same about reconnection to home by looking for the flavours you love. For me, it was heaven when I found the Belgian beer garden in Adelaide, and when I had good, almost Belgian-good fries on the Fringe Festival!

    I’ve been loving reading your blog, so when I thought about who to nominate for the Liebster award… It was you! Hope you’ll give it a go http://wp.me/p51Lzr-4a 🙂

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