The dream

Some people say that ballet is the language of the soul. If you close your eyes and let your body embrace the music it is like dreaming on your feet! I love ballet and its universe : the dancing,  the music, the acting, the costumes, the setting… Everything in ballet appeals to my imagination and I can feel my heart beating in rhythm with the music and for a moment I can imagine myself as part of the story.

At the moment, I am really impressed by a ballet dancer called Misty Copeland! She is so empowering and inspiring. Her story  is  amazing because she is so different from usual ballet type ballerina but she made it happen and it is a real pleasure to see her performing :

IMG_1331Lately, I was lucky to go and see “the dream” performed at Adelaide Festival Centre. It was absolutely beautiful and such a poetic story. If you have the chance to attend to this brillant performance you will be impressed I am sure by the dancer playing the “donkey” and particularly how the dancing perfectly matches the music. It is like the donkey becomes so real on the stage… motions, emotions… such a beautiful mix that works to perfection! This was definitely my favourite part because I could really feel, hear and see an horse on the stage.  It was wonderful and I really enjoyed every minute of it ❤

Professional dancers practising on stage

I had also the opportunities to attend to a “behind the scene” where you can see the dancers practising. It is very interesting to attend to one of these ballet classes because you really take all the measure of what ballet requires in terms of commitment. Dancing is an art that requires so much work and efforts. Dancers train hard everyday, warming up their bodies, repeating basics mouvements before working on their choreography… Everywhere in the world it is more or less the same repetitions, the same expressions (most of the vocabulary of ballet happens to be French words and it is funny to hear them pronounced with another accent). It is really something to see! Besides there was a sort of Q&A and some famous dancers were invited to answer to questions about their lives, their training, their aspirations, their lifestyle… and I found it very interesting to hear about their stories, where and when it all started and why they are so committed to it. Again I really enjoyed it and I thought it was very educative and refreshing.

So next time, you want to go out, to dream and to escape from everyday life, you should maybe consider going to a ballet. Adelaide has a lot to offer and I am sure you will have a beautiful and romantic evening, full of beautiful creatures, wonderful stories and a pinch  of poesy like in a … dream 😉


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