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It is all about the people!

What makes your journey so unique and unforgettable? What captures your mind and your heart? What catches your eyes? What makes you see the world differently? What gives you a new outlook on life?

When you really think about it, it is not the places you visit, the beautiful landscapes you gaze at, the wildlife you connect with… but it is the people… it is always about the people!

I have lived in a few countries, seen amazing places, tasted wonderful food… but my best memories and stories are about great people I have met. Simple but meaningful moments: interesting and lively conversations, funny things to laugh about, interesting knowledge to share with, wise advises to give and to receive, precious help when needed, a good ear to listen, some words to think about, a happy smile…moments!

Meeting new people open new doors in your heart and in your mind. Deep inside you, you have dreams, hopes, wishes… things you have always wanted to do but never gave it a real chance… and sometimes all it takes is just to meet the right person at the right moment to encourage you to open these doors.

“There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need them to change your life or you are the one that will change theirs.”

I feel grateful I have the opportunity to meet so many fabulous friends and to be inspired by brilliant teachers along the way. They represent an important part of my journey and they are contributing for sure to my happiness in this whole experience. I feel different, thanks to them – happier, eager to learn and discover! They changed my world and now I just can’t get enough… I want more and more!

Don’t get me wrong, I have also wonderful people in my life in my home country France: starting with my family ❤ but living in foreign countries and speaking foreign languages push your boundaries and increase significantly your chances to bond with different personalities, cultures, tastes, ideas… and sometimes it is a real life change! And next thing you know, you are starting a blog in English, going to Yoga classes everyday, taking part to Spanish classes, learning Chinese, enrolling to a creative writing course…

So for those who are ready to move abroad, be prepared to reconnect with your passions, to discover new shades of your personality, to start to dream BIGGER because your journey will be full of people who will push you in the right direction: YOURS!

“I want to keep meeting new people, enlarging my circle of friends, I have good friends now… really good people. But I’am always ready for what comes next.” – Paula Danziger

You would be surprised how quick and easy it is to meet such wonderful people, especially when you are new to a country and you know absolutely nobody! But this is another story… coming next 😉

Goodbye London!

September marks a year to the month that I packed my suitcase and moved to UK. A year to the day when I took the Eurostar wondering what London would bring me… so many questions in my head: Am I going to enjoy it? Is it a nice place to live and to work in?  and what about the people there? I remember many of my (french) friends envying me because as they say “London is so COOL” … probably…but actually at that time, I had no clue and was not so sure about it… I mean there is a big gap between enjoying London over a weekend and living in the city for good!

But since I was there, I really wanted to give it a chance so I have jumped into London crazy rhythm: Flat hunting, museums, visits, work, sport, school….etc…. I have to say that time went by very quickly and actually I was pretty lucky (magic London) and succeeded in all the things I wanted to achieve here: I found a tiny but cute place to live in Notting Hill, I have met old friends from Portsmouth that I haven’t been seeing for 15 years or so, I have visited in 1 year more museums, palace, exhibitions etc. that I have done in my whole existence, I know Hyde Park like the back of my hand and it has became my favorite place in London, I have quickly and quite easily found a marketing manager position with a very good salary when a lot of people told me it was impossible because I am a foreigner, I have met an amazing Yoga teacher who brought me spiritual wisdom and peace when I needed it and I am so happy I could commit myself to Yoga every day during a year (which I never thought before I would be capable of), I have also enjoyed so much attending to the English evening classes at the Stanton School because it was a really nice way to practise and improve my language skills but most of all I have met amazing people from all other the world and it felt so nice to have new, fun and nice friends to share this amazing adventure and experience that is London with!!!

What initially struck me as odd and unusual is now part of the everyday and I can’t believe I am already leaving for new overseas adventures…even if it looks exciting, I am definitely going to miss London, scones and you my dear friends!

So after a year spent in London, I can now answer to the question what makes London so unique? without no doubt, it’s you people, the (international) Londoners!