A little taste of Australian wildlife…

Living abroad is  sometimes embracing the unexpected and it is even more true when you have just moved in and you are exploring your new city.

Today, I was walking in Kurrangga park in Adelaide CBD when suddenly I have heard a noise next to me… Suddenly I have realised something was moving in the grass slowly…

At first, considering the way it was moving, I thought it was a snake and I have to admit I was a bit scared! Then it started to walk and that is when I have realised that obviously it could not be a snake since I could see its little legs moving on the concrete path!

Actually it looked like a kind of reptile…. but I was too afraid to come a little bit more closer to have a better look at it. I am not used to deal with these kind of animals. In France reptiles look like midgets comparing to this one! Somehow I have found the courage to take a picture of it with my Iphone (using the zoom so I don’t have to be too closed from the wild animal).

When I came back home I looked on the internet and discovered it was a blue tongue lizard… it is quite big and common to find it in Australia even around the cities…. hopefully it eats insects, snails, fruits that have fallen on the floor such as berries…. obviously not interested in eating girls like me… good lord I am relieved 😉

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